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Mini crociera alla "Grotta Azzurra"

Person number: min 2 – max 12

Hours: 9.00 – 10.30 – 12.00 (possibility also in the afternoon with favorable weather conditions)

Price: starting from € 25 per person

Reservation required

Swim break and snorkeling

1 hour and half tour on the Maria Consiglia characteristic goiter with swim break at the Grotta Azzurra

We will meet at the port of Sperlonga to leave immediately after the boarding procedures. Upon leaving the port we will see the first marvel, the Grotto of Tiberius: a natural cavity decorated with marble sculptures depicting the exploits of Ulysses. We will continue our navigation along the coast admiring the medieval towers of the '500 and the wonderful natural caves of limestone formation: the caves of Bazzano, Capovento and the suggestive bay of the Blue Grotto, which takes its name from the intense blue of its mirror of waterfall. Here we will stop for half an hour: the fittest will be able to swim inside the cave and we will all be able to dive in for a regenerating bath and a bit of snorkelling. The waters of this bay are particularly clean, fresh and crystalline, thanks to the flow of a natural spring that flows from the cliffs.

Those who don't want to get into the water can stay on board, but it's really a shame not to enjoy this wonderful and little-beaten sea! On the way back we will approach the stupendous Torre Truglia, symbol of Sperlonga, with the historic center behind it. It will be the ideal moment for a souvenir photo of the experience.

The excursion lasts 1 hour and a half. The boat is comfortable, equipped with a ladder for easy entry into the water and a cover for the sun. On board there are baywatches, life jackets and swimming noodles to allow even those who cannot swim to bathe in the wonderful waters of Sperlonga.

Included in the tour

Very comfortable ladder for descending and ascending from the water
Changing room on board to change
The boat is equipped with an awning that covers from the sun.The curtain covers all ...
The boat is equipped with a fresh water shower that allows you to rinse off ...
Pool noodle (floating)



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