Mini crociera alla "Grotta Azzurra"

Person number: min 2 – max 12

Hours: 9.00 – 10.30 – 12.00 (possibility also in the afternoon with favorable weather conditions)

Price: starting from € 20 per person

Reservation required

Swim break and snorkeling

1 hour and half tour on the Maria Consiglia characteristic goiter with swim break at the Grotta Azzurra

We will set sail from the port of Sperlonga and sail slowly inside the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park. We will tell you about our coast, rich in historical hints and breathtaking landscapes.

We will leave from the Grotta di Tiberio adorned by the homonymous emperor with numerous marble sculptures depicting the exploits of Ulysses. We will continue along the ancient Via Flacca (187a.C.).

We will admire the medieval towers dating back to 1500 and finally the wonderful natural limestone caves: the Bazzano caves, the Capovento caves and the most suggestive, the "Grotta Azzura"

Ready for the swim stop?

Immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters! You can do some cool snorkeling and swim to the cave if you like ... it will be absolutely worth it!

This moment of suggestion and relaxation will only end when we return to the port.

Included in the tour

  • Very comfortable ladder for descending and ascending from the water
  • Changing room on board to change
  • The boat is equipped with an awning that covers from the sun. The curtain covers all ...
  • The boat is equipped with a fresh water shower that allows you to rinse off ...
  • Pool noodle (floating)